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Pregnancy Acupuncture Brisbane

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be used throughout pregnancy to maintain optimum health and wellbeing, to treat specific problems and to prepare the body for the experience of birth.

There are numerous hormonal, physical and emotional changes that occur from the moment of conception. It is a roller-coaster ride that sometimes isn’t as fun as we had thought it would be. For some women, pregnancy is relatively uncomplicated, however in reality most women endure some level of discomfort or dysfunction that can affect many areas of their health and day to day life.

Acupuncture during pregnancy can be helpful for:

  • Morning sickness 
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation / Haemorrhoids
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Fluid retention
  • Pelvic Pain, Back pain, Sciatica,
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Breech position
  • Labour induction

The focus of treatment for pregnancy acupuncture is dependent on what stage of pregnancy you're at and upon your health goals.


Acupuncture in first trimester pregnancy:

This is the time when the body undergoes it’s most significant hormonal changes. Adapting to those changes can be challenging. During the first 12 weeks, acupuncture is given to prevent miscarriage, support the rapid growth of the baby, create a strong foundation for a healthy pregnancy, and manage early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and fatigue.


Acupuncture in second trimester pregnancy:

The body begins to adapt to accommodate the increasing spatial demands of the baby and placenta. Abdominal and lower back pain are common due to the stretching of the pelvic and sacral ligaments. Breathlessness and/or reflux can occur due to upward pressure in the abdomen. Other common problems include: pain around the ribs and upper back, fluctuating emotions due to hormonal changes, vivid dreams and insomnia due to the excess warmth that is produced from the physical demands of carrying a baby.

A recent article in The Australian Doctor publication gave acupuncture the tick for relieving pelvic pain in pregnancy. The article discussed a review of 26 clinical trials to determine the most effective treatments for pelvic pain in pregnancy. Acupuncture was the most effective treatment for pelvic pain, even more effective than physio or exercise. The cochrane review can be found here.

Acupuncture in third trimester pregnancy:

There is further expansion and growth which results in a change in the centre of gravity. The ligaments and tendons will begin to loosen and stretch to allow the pelvis to open. Acupuncture helps to prepare the body for labour. It will ensure that you are strong, healthy, relaxed and ready for labour and delivery.

Regular Acupuncture through-out your pregnancy will boost your energy, help you feel more calm, optimize your well-being and prepare the body for bringing your precious child into the world.

Numerous studies confirm that Acupuncture has a high success rate in turning BREECH BABIES and INDUCING LABOUR. The optimum time for turning a breech baby is between 32 and 36 weeks.  Treatments to prepare the body for labour are commenced from 36 weeks. Labour induction can commence after 40 weeks.

The use of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to support a healthy pregnancy has been reported to reduce the length of time women spend in labour. It can also reduce the need for medical interventions such as pharmaceutical induction of labour, use of epidural anaesthesia and caesarean delivery. If you have chosen to or are required to have a caesarean delivery, acupuncture can assist in the recovery phase. Scar tissue reduction, wound healing and post-operative recuperation are commonly addressed.

Read more about pregnancy acupuncture for birth preparation

Study to support acupuncture reducing labour time Betts D Lenox S (2006) Acupuncture for Prebirth Treatment: An Observational Study of its use in Midwifery practice. Medical Acupuncture. Vol 17 No 3.

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