Days stacking up? Esteem taking a hit? Confidence at a low?

We can help you destress, feel energised, happy and relaxed.


Confidence and self-esteem can be difficult to get back once they’re gone. It’s like a catch twenty-two sometimes, you kind of need them to have them, without the confidence to say to yourself “hey! You’re doing great!” it can be hard to break the negative thought loops and self-talk that keep you feeling low.

Though, in my experience people who are experiencing low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in themselves often don’t realise that there is in fact a large physical component to this emotional imbalance, after all, our emotional psyche is built out of physical constituents and the chemical balances in our body play a significant role in our moods and reflection of ourselves and the world around us.

Most of us will have heard about serotonin and dopamine and the roles they play in feeling positive and content. When these neurotransmitters are ‘out of whack’ it can be difficult to foster a positive outlook, sure, coping strategies, psychology and perspective change is hugely beneficial, but without the underlying physiological components being in balance it can be like trying to bake a cake without ingredients, you’ve got the method but lack the materials!

That’s where Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help! [read more....…]


Abdominal discomfort and digestive disorders are common complaints in modern society, with estimates suggesting up to 40% of the Australian adult population experience some form of Gastro-Intestinal (GI) symptom/s. Common symptoms include bloating, sluggish digestion, acid regurgitation, constipation/diarrhoea or pain, to name a few.

Often, people have lived with these symptoms for so long that they consider them to be part of their normal digestion, many do not seek therapeutic intervention.

Considering we derive the bulk of our daily energy from the food we eat, proper digestion is crucial to optimal energy levels and a raised standard of living. Poor or compromised digestion and gastric motility can be a predisposing factor to many, perhaps seemingly unrelated complaints including: headache, fatigue, lack of sleep quality or insomnia, shortness of breath, hot flushes, cold hands and feet, emotional imbalances and more. [read more....…]


Effective treatment for Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain in any form can be debilitating, and most suffers will tell you they have tried everything when it comes to easing their pain, with standard care and over-the-counter pain relievers usually providing only mild, temporary relief.

A recent study, the most rigorous and detailed analysis of acupuncture to date, has found that acupuncture is 52% more effective than the standard-of care in western medicine in resolving pain i.e. migraine, headache, osteoarthritis, chronic neck and lower back pain 1.


The effectiveness of acupuncture in treating pain is attributed to many aspects. From a western medical perspective it has been scientifically shown to:

  • Stimulate the production of adenosine 2 which is:

o   A natural painkiller (similar to lidocaine)

o   A sleep regulator

o   An anti-inflammatory compound in the body

  • Stimulate the production of numerous endogenous opioids, which are natural pain killers, all of which are more potent than pethidine
  • Relax the central nervous system, thereby relieving stress, relaxing the muscles and improving mobility

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Acupuncture During Pregnancy

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In recent years Acupuncture has become more well known as an option for labour induction if a pregnancy has gone over its pregnancy acupuncture brisbane‘due date’. I often see women in the very late stages of pregnancy who are worried about being coerced into a medical induction should they go over 40 weeks. Depending on your circumstances there is good evidence to suggest that Acupuncture can help to promote the onset of labour. It is not as well-known as a safe, gentle and effective treatment option for a number of common pregnancy related problems.

Perhaps this is because we have a culture of telling women that the ailments we experience in pregnancy are just a part of the process that we have to ‘put up with’. Or it may be that due to the natural instinct of protecting our growing baby women are unsure of what interventions they can have that are safe. A natural and understandable reluctance to take medication means that many women suffer with an assortment of health challenges un-necessarily. [read more....…]


Acupuncture to relieve Stress

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Do you feel tired, stressed and a little overwhelmed at this time of year?

We are all so busy wrapping up the year that we barely get any time to stop, breathe and relax for even just a moment. We think once we get through Christmas we’ll have more time to dedicate to the important things….. like our health. But, we don’t have more time, life is just as hectic as ever and even the best intentions for the New Year seem to slip through our fingers.

Did you know that Acupuncture can help to boost your energy, reduce your stress, and help you feel more calm and in control of your well-being?

Even if you don’t have any major health concerns, there are often areas of our health that aren’t working as well as we would like. Sluggish digestion can get you down, difficulty getting to sleep makes for a slow start to each day and those niggly aches and pains make work and play a battle instead of a breeze.

Headaches, tight shoulders, low back pain, bloating, anxiety, irritability and exhaustion are all signs that your body is under stress.

Several recent studies report that Acupuncture can reduce the hormones that are produced by the body in response to stress. [read more....…]