Osteopathy and Your Digestive Health

by Elysia Humphries - Naturopath on April 7, 2016 · 1 comment

fe8baffc-f33c-4063-840c-9da4d72b4d16Digestive issues are not something many people associate an Osteopath with treating, but they are a common problem most of us have. Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, cramps, colic, indigestion and reflux are symptoms many adults and children suffer, with many consuming multiple over the counter medications to treat. Instead of masking your symptoms, why not discover the cause! And have your symptoms treated naturally without drugs! Our Osteopath Danielle will explain to us the benefits Osteopathy can provide to the digestive system in adults, children and babies.

Typically, we all have some digestive discomfort such as bloating or gas after eating certain foods, but it is when these types of symptoms become a constant in our lives that they prompt the need for further investigation and treatment.

Adult digestive issues

The digestive system is one of the largest systems in our body, with multiple organs involved. Symptoms can therefore vary from person to person. The most common are:

-        Constipation
-        Diarrhoea
-        Bloating
-        Gas
-        Abdominal cramping
-        Reflux

Digestive issues can be caused by a variety of conditions within the digestive system such as:

-       Food intolerances such as lactose or gluten
-       Food sensitivities such as garlic or onion
-       Overgrowth of bad bacteria following an illness or anti-biotic course
-       Irritable bowel syndrome
-       Gallstones
-       Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease  (GORD)
-       Crohns disease
-       Inflammatory bowel disease
-       Diverticulitis
-       Certain mediations
-       Poor diet and eating habits
-       High alcohol intake
-       Stress

These conditions are usually managed with your GP or Naturopath with diet changes, herbs and medications and symptoms can be treated by your Osteopath. But what if you have seen your GP and Naturopath and no direct cause can be found? This is where Osteopathic assessment and treatment is of most use.

Digestive problems can be the direct result of problems in the musculoskeletal system such as tight abdominal muscles, restrictions in spinal joints, interrupted nerve or blood supply and organ restrictions. These musculoskeletal problems can be caused by pregnancy, abdominal surgery, falls, injury and trauma to the pelvis, back or ribs.

Osteopathic treatment will involve treating your symptoms by addressing muscle, joint and organ imbalances which may be causing your problems. The focus will be to restore adequate nerve and blood supply, normalise joint and organ function and reduce digestive symptoms. This may involve joint or organ manipulation, joint articulation, massage, stretching and strengthening muscles and ligaments and revolving any nerve irritation.


Dr Emma Kopcikas, is an Osteopath at Vibe Natural Health Grange in North Brisbane. She practices Monday to Saturday and you can read more about Emma here.

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