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Clinical Pilates North Brisbane

At Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane, our Clinical Pilates sessions are run under the expert guidance of our Osteopath Dr Sam Brown. Sam has a passion for teaching Clinical Pilates to help you improve your musculoskeletal health, reduce pain, recover from injury and improve posture and performance.

Sam noticed that his Ostepathic clients with pain or injury, who also undertook a clinical pilates program had greater and longer lasting results than those using pilates or osteopathic treatment alone. 

The combined approach of Osteopathic medicine combined with personalised clinical pilates delivers a unique and effective method for improving your musculoskeletal health.



Our Clincial Pilates sessions are for people wanting individual attention and fast results.


Rather than a general exercise session, such as group mat pilates, our sessions are 100% targeted to your needs and we only offer individual or pairs pilates sessions.

After your initial one on one functional movement assessment, Dr Sam designs a pilates program for you to gradually increase movement and stability, and decrease pain. We are proud to be the only Clincal Pilates studio in Brisbane offering pilates run by a registered Osteopath.





The benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

  • Increased muscle strength, tone and fitness   
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Better coordination of movement
  • Improve nervous system control to reduce pain
  • Improve posture
  • Decrease the risk of injury
  • Recovery from spinal joint or disc injury
  • Recovery from ligament and muscle damage
  • Aid athletic performance
  • Rehabilitation from musculoskeletal pain
  • Improve surgery recovery
  • Improve pelvic floor issues – incontinence
  • Pre and post pregnancy maintenance and recovery

Pilates improves core strength & muscle stability

Muscular weakness and instability is often the cause of pain and poor posture.

Clinical Pilates improves whole body stability and control of movement. This is accomplished by learning how to properly recruit the smaller, and sometimes more subtle muscles that control our spine, pelvis, extremities and joints. Some of these muscles are known as “the core.”  

What most people dont know is that your core muscles aren't the 6 pack abs.

They are the deep, stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and pelvis. Starting out, some of the exercises can be hard to coordinate and are often hard to localise, which is why Pilates under the guidance of an Osteopathic Doctor will enhance your undestanding of these subtle muscles.

Clinical Pilates Session Information

Initial Pilates Consultation

1 hour assessment of your movement, strength and flexibility. An initial program will be written based  on the assessment.

2nd Pilates Consultation

1 hour  1:1 session going through your new program to ensure it is correct for your needs.

Regular Pilates Sessions

30mins or 1hour, Session choices : Individual or in a group of 2.

Sessions can be brought individually or in packs.

Follow up Assessments

Every 10 sessions assessments will be given to determine change and improvement.

Further programs will be written to target new areas and increase intensity.

Combo Session

30 minute Osteopathic treatment followed by 30 mins clinical pilates

An effective hour of hands on osteopathic treatment to mobilise joints and tissues, then strengthen and stabilise to enhance the changes.

Mat Equipment Used – rollers, bosu, Swiss ball, chi balls, exercise bands, blocks, pilates ring, spine corrector

Machine Equipment – Tower, that is a combined reformer with full trapeze. This allows a great variety of movements and intensities

Health Fund and Medicare Rebates

If you have private health cover for Osteopathy, you can claim 1:1 clinical pilates at Vibe.  We are unable to provide health fund rebates under the "clinical pilates" category at this time. If you have Osteopathy cover, you can claim this way instead.

For those who have had chronic pain for more than 6 months, your GP may be able to write you an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) management plan. Medicare will then give you rebates for 5 osteopathic and/or clinical pilates session per calendar year.

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