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Clinical Pilates in Brisbane for lower back pain

Brisbane Osteopath Dr Sam Brown discusses how Clinical Pilates can relieve lower back pain.

Lower back pain is often caused by damage to the local muscles, ligaments, discs and nerve roots resulting from trauma or an unexpected movement of the lumbar spine.

However, the true cause is frequently the result of the muscles of the lower back and pelvis failing to support and control lumbar movement. There may also be other areas including the hips, knees and shoulders that are not functioning efficiently, creating extra muscular strain on the lumbar spine.

How Clinical Pilates Prevents and relieves lower back pain

Clinical Pilates exercise aims to improve whole body stability and control of movement, rehabilitating from injury, pain, surgery and postural issues. This is accomplished by learning how to properly recruit the smaller, and sometimes more subtle muscles that control our spine, pelvis, extremities and joints.

Some of these muscles are known as “the core.” What most people dont know is that your core muscles aren't the 6 pack abs. They are the deep, stabilizing muscles in the abdomen and pelvis. When you start learning how to isolate and strenthen your core, the exercises can be hard to coordinate, and a challenge to isolate the correct muscle.

Stabilizing the Lower Back with Clinical Pilates

The “core” is the name given to a group of muscles that stabilize the pelvis and lumbar spine. 

As most  full body activities require stability in the lower back and pelvis, these are the muscles that Clinical Pilates initially trains the body to activate. The core muscles form an internal balloon in the deep abdomen and pelvis:

  • Transverse Abdominus – Front and sides of the balloon 
  • Diaphragm – Top of the balloon
  • Multifidus – Back of the balloon
  • Pelvic floor – end of the balloon


Collectively these muscles work together drawing the balloon in from all sides creating an increase in abdominal pressure. This pressure forms a muscular belt, stabilizing and controlling movement of the lumbar spine and pelvis. This is how learning how to properly strengthen your core will take the pressuure off your lower back, and reduce lower back pain.


Clinical Pilates Program

Even with the same injury or pain, everyone moves and functions differently. To ensure the exercises are appropriate for the individual, firstly movement assessments are performed to diagnose the cause of the lumbar pain, which muscles and other areas are contributing. A clinical exercise program is then designed specific to the individual goals. Exercises will challenge the strength, endurance and control of the lower back and extremities. Once the stabilizing muscles begin to work correctly, areas of lower back pain are relieved, and your muscles have the ability to perform day-to-day tasks without risking further injury or pain.

Find out more about the options and sessions for clinical pilates in Brisbane at Vibe Natural Health.


Health Fund and Medicare Rebates

If you have private health cover for Osteopathy, you can claim 1:1 clinical pilates at Vibe.  NB we are unable to provide health fund rebates under the "clinical pilates" category at this time. If you have Osteopathy cover, you can claim this way instead.

For those who have had chronic pain for more than 6 months,  your GP can write you and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) management plan. Medicare with then give you rebates for 5 osteopathic and/or clinical pilates session per calendar year.

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