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Natural Beauty Cosmetic Acupuncture in Brisbane





Can assist in the reduction, diminishment and/or improvement of:

  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Sagging, Loose or Puffy Skin
  • Dry or Greasy Skin
  • Acne
  • Facial Tone
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Complexion

Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture is a gentle, safe and effective alternative natural beauty therapy to chemical or surgical cosmetic intervention; restoring your youthful radiance without the risk of scars, adverse reaction, toxicity or other complications associated with conventional treatments.

All facial rejuvenation acupuncture sessions are a one on one, individually tailored treatment to optimise results, leaving your skin more youthful and have you looking and feeling great!

Sessions begin with consultation to identify which areas you are seeking improvement of and to highlight underlying internal imbalances that are manifesting on the surface. Each region of the face corresponds to an internal region of the body and our qualified acupuncturist will formulate internal and external treatment based on your presentation to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with treatment.


After consultation, an individualised herbal, all organic face mask is prepared based on your needs and applied while carefully selected body Acupuncture points are utilised to address underlying, internal imbalances. While these treatments are allowed time to work you will gently meditate and relax in our comfortable rooms.

The face mask will then be removed and the area cleaned with warm rosewater in preparation for the next phase of treatment.

Fine needles are then inserted into facial areas of desired improvement, encouraging blood flow and repair to the area and providing long lasting, beautifying results. These needles remain in place while you receive a relaxing and therapeutic Acupressure foot and hand massage. 

You will leave the session feeling great and walking on air!




  • Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture is ideal as a one off pampering session with proven clinical merit; a perfect gift idea.

  • Results from Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture are cumulative and the more sessions over time, the more significant the improvement; ideal as a staple fixture in your current natural beauty ritual.

  • Optimal results are achieved over a ten session course, attending two sessions per week for five weeks, restoring your radiance and having you looking and feeling better than ever!


How does Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture work?

Cosmetic Acupuncture brisbaneEssentially, the insertion of  fine needles to the sites of desired improvement stimulate the production of collagen which will improve skin tone and elasticity, reduce lines and wrinkles, lift sagging areas, tighten loose skin and restore a smooth, youthful texture to the skin. Although largely painless, this is considered by the body as a small attack (microtrauma) and in response, the body directs blood to the tissues affected, providing the tissues with the required physiological precursors for cell and tissue repair and regeneration, providing long lasting, radiant results.

As always with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, the modality treats the body as a whole. Considering that our outward appearance is significantly influenced by our internal health, restoring your internal well-being and balancing the Qi or energies of the internal organs is an integral part of facial rejuvenation cosmetic Acupuncture, which will reflect in and provide long-lasting benefit to your external appearance.

The face masks applied during Facial Rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture are composed of carefully selected all-natural, all-organic herbs and are prepared using specific Chinese Herbs that have been clinically demonstrated for over 2000 years to improve your complexion.

Facial rejuvenation Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural, safe, gentle, non-invasive and all organic alternative for restoring beautiful skin. It is less expensive, all-natural and safer than plastic surgery, laser, Botox /Collagen injections and chemical peels with minimal side-effects, less inflammation and virtually no recovery time.

Each treatment is individually tailored to the individual by an experienced, qualified Acupuncturist.


For one-on-one consultation or to learn more about the benefits of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture contact your Acupuncturist Dr Ben Ludlow at Vibe Natural Health on 3366 7970 or

book online with the option below.


Individual appointments Pricing and inclusions

Initial Consultation and Treatment 60mins $190

All of our Facial Rejuvenation programs begin with our lux treatment appointment which includes:

  • Health assessment to identify your goals and any underlying internal imbalance
  • Individual Organic herbal face mask created and applied
  • Rosewater cleanse
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Acupressure massage
  • Organic Herbal face mask freshly compounded for your individual needs. Includes 2 weeks supply to take home with you.
  • Acupuncture dermaroller to continue your treatment at home.

You can purchase gift vouchers for just this appointment by clicking here

Follow up appointments and additional products

  • Standard Follow up - 30mins - $90
  • Extended Follow up - 45mins - $120
  • Additional face masks - $30
  • Additional face masks - $30

Facial rejuvenation standard package - $990 

LIMITED TIME introductory offer - $870


For optimal results we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions over 5 weeks. This package is perfect for the time or budget concious, and includes the following:

  • Initial consultation and treatment X 1
  •  Standard follow up treatment (30mins) X 8
  • Extended follow up assessment and treatment (45min) x 1
  • Organic individually formulated herbal face masks X 2
  • Dermaroller X 1

If you would like more information on Facial Rejuvenation or any of our services please call our friendly reception staff on 3366 7970 who would be happy to organise a call back with one of our practitioners.