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Acupuncture treatment for Insomnia in Brisbane

Insomnia acupuncture Brisbane

Do you experience Insomnia, sleep disturbance or poor sleep quality?

Acupuncture could have a potential positive effect!

Tired of waking up tired? Or just not getting to sleep at all? Insomnia isn’t just lack of sleep; it’s also lack of quality sleep. It is estimated approximately 1.5 million Australians adults experience insomnia in some form.

Quality sleep is crucial to your wellbeing as this is the dominant period of mental and physical recovery, be it from injury, illness or the pressures of everyday life. Whether there is an inability to fall asleep, difficulty staying asleep or experiencing unsatisfying sleep the end result is a decrease in life quality and a higher risk of developing associated conditions such as depression.

Acupuncture has high level evidence of potential positive effect regarding insomnia.

How can Acupuncture help Insomnia?

  • Acupuncture has been clinically demonstrated to improve sleep quality and duration.
  • Acupuncture has been scientifically shown to increase nocturnal melatonin secretion (a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep patterns).
  • Acupuncture can be used as an adjunct to sleep medication with systematic reviews showing that a combined approach provides better quality sleep than medication alone.
  • Acupuncture is well known in pain management and the alleviation of depression (with medication), anxiety, stress and other related conditions that may contribute to insomnia.
  • Acupuncture is well known as a natural remedy for insomnia and Chinese Herbal Medicine provides a natural alternative to sedatives and sleeping tablets.

What to expect

An Acupuncture treatment for insomnia is highly individualised to each person. Your acupuncturist takes a detailed case history, to find out what is causing your lack of quality sleep, taking into consideration factors such as general health and lifestyle, stress, emotional state and physical environment.

You will receive a hands-on treatment to provide initial relief. Your consultation will include the insertion of fine needles in acupuncture points to improve blood flow and circulation within the body, this relaxes the nervous system.

As with all medical intervention some risk is involved, however acupuncture is considered a safe modality when conducted by a skilled Acupuncturist. Our Acupuncturists are gentle, compassionate, experienced and effective and our treatment rooms are some of the most modern and relaxing in Brisbane.