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Pregnancy Acupuncture Brisbane

Juanita Fuchs at Vibe Natural Health, offers Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post-Partum Care programs based on Chinese medicine principles and treatment strategies, nutritional requirements and traditional Chinese medicine that is supported by biomedical research.

Numerous hormonal, physical and emotional changes occur from the moment of conception. For some women, pregnancy is relatively uncomplicated, however in reality most women endure some level of discomfort or dysfunction that can affect many areas of their health and day-to-day life.

As with all medical intervention some risk is involved, however acupuncture is considered a safe modality when conducted by a skilled acupuncturist.  Our practitioners are empathetic and will always err on the side of caution in pregnancy acupuncture.

Acupuncture in IVF

Through examination of the many studies, a recent systematic review found acupuncture improves the CPR (clinical pregnancy rate) among women undergoing IVF (Qian et al., 2016). Whereas earlier reviews found the evidence inconclusive, requesting further research. With Qian et al., 2016 now published as a positive effect study, we see current biomedical science catching up with a medical practice that has been used for 1000’s of years.

The focus of treatment for pregnancy acupuncture is dependent on what stage of pregnancy you're at and upon your health goals.

Acupuncture in first trimester pregnancy:

This is the time when the body undergoes its most significant hormonal changes. Adapting to those changes can be challenging. During the first 12 weeks, acupuncture is given to support a healthy pregnancy and manage early pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and nausea, the latter, although considered safe it is still unclear how the mechanism of action works.

Acupuncture in second trimester pregnancy:

There is good supportive evidence for acupuncture’s positive effects on abdominal and lower back pain, which is common due to the stretching of the pelvic and sacral ligaments.

Breathlessness and/or reflux can occur due to upward pressure in the abdomen. Other common problems include: pain around the ribs and upper back, fluctuating hormones i.e. emotions, vivid dreams and insomnia due to the excess warmth that is produced from the physical demands of carrying a baby.

There is strong evidence of positive effect for acupuncture relieving pelvic pain in pregnancy. A review of 26 clinical trials found Acupuncture was the most effective treatment for pelvic pain, even more effective than physio or exercise. To read more on the topic, this Cochrane review reviews 26 clinical trials.

Acupuncture in third trimester pregnancy:

As further expansion and growth results in a change in your centre of gravity, ligaments and tendons will begin to loosen and stretch to allow the pelvis to open.

Regular Acupuncture through-out your pregnancy aims to boost your energy, help you to feel calmer by supporting the nervous system, optimise your well-being and prepare your body for bringing your precious child into the world.

A note on traditional acupuncture technique for breech baby presentation

Moxibustion treatment on the little toe for difficult labour was first mentioned in the Moxibustion Methods for Emergencies by Wenren Qinian in 1226. This practice commonly used in Chinese hospitals to treat breech presentations lacks scientific research to date. Although promising, the evidence is not yet sufficient for this method to be incorporated into clinical practice guidelines for obstetricians in Australia, however New Zealand clinical practice guidelines currently recommend it.

We recommend a consult with your practitioner to discuss whether this ancient technique might be useful for you. The optimum time for turning a breech baby is between 32 and 36 weeks. Labour induction acupuncture can commence after 40 weeks.

While there is a lot of positive research, the evidence is mixed. Read more about pregnancy acupuncture for birth preparation: