Surviving The Silly Season



It’s the silly season, so here are a few tips to reduce your hangover!

Aside from stating the obvious, yes, avoiding drinking alcohol is the best way to avoid a hangover!

Drinking alcohol can lead to the following symptoms, such as dehydration (which causes thirst, dizziness and weakness), irritation of the stomach and liver (which causes nausea, vomiting and stomach pain), low blood sugar (which causes fatigue and mood changes), and disturbance of sleep (which causes ‘jet lag’ symptoms).

Preparation is the key!

A complex vitamin B supplement and herbal detoxification tablet than contains St Mary’s Thistle (aka Milk Thistle), Schizandra and/or Rosemary before drinking and when you get home will help your liver detoxify the alcohol more efficiently. Other important nutrients include magnesium, zinc, selenium and essential fatty acids. Best to line the stomach, especially with healthy fats, in the Mediterranean, they use olive oil.

The choice is yours!

Choosing alcohol with fewer congeners (a by-product of the fermentation process that provides a unique taste), such as gin and vodka, may cause fewer hangover effects than alcohol with more congeners, such as brandy, whisky and red wine.

Drink alcohol in moderation and ensure water intake while drinking alcohol, and again before going to sleep will also help!

But what about the morning after?

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