How to get the most out of your Remedial Massage at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane

Top 5 things you can do to get the most out of your remedial massage

1. Focus on your breathing during your massage

During your massage, remember to breathe. Taking slow, deep breaths deep into your ribs will help to relax you and aid your muscles to release under the firm pressure used during a remedial massage. During remedial massage, trigger points and firm pressure can be used to get tight muscles and knots to relax. People often hold their breath or contract their muscles when sore spots are found during a massage. Never tell yourself to “handle the pressure” as this can lead to you feeling anxious or in pain. Let your therapist know if the pressure is too strong so a good balance can be found to help the muscle to release, without causing pain for you. Connecting to your breath helps you release tension.
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Massage Therapy – why me time is a necessity, not just a luxury.

Relaxation Massage at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

These days it seems that no pleasure is complete without a side of guilt.

The biggest misconception about Relaxation Massage Therapy is that it is a luxury. How many of you only pamper yourselves to a massage on a special occasion or when you’ve hit the wall are are in acute pain?

Massage Therapy may seem a little self-indulgent; after all you are serenading yourself into the warm healing touch of your therapist and drifting far away from daily stresses into pure relaxation and harmony. But Massage Therapy is not only a blissful experience; it is just an added bonus. Massage has been proven to have many health benefits and should be an absolute priority in achieving optimal health and well being for the body, mind and spirit.

There’s a great article on CNN’s  which explains this very well. Many of us with our busy lives today fulfil obligations to everyone else except our selves. We have so much to do for work, for family, for friends, often ourselves come a distant last. For long term physical and mental wellbeing, time out or “me time” is more important than ever. For some this is turning off the mobile phone, getting away from the computer or having a massage. Me time has many benefits, and should be scheduled into a busy lifestyle to balance out the noise and stress. Continue reading “Massage Therapy — why me time is a necessity, not just a luxury.”