Preconception Care


What is preconception care?

Preconception care is an opportunity to improve both you and your partners health required for promoting healthy sperm, egg health and uterine environment.  Think of pregnancy as like a marathon, we want to start training now and optimise our diet and lifestyle which can influence up to three generations to come!

What are the benefits of preconception care?

  • Regulate ovulation
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Improve health of ovaries, egg (ova), uterus and fallopian tube function
  • Manage insulin resistance
  • Enhance quality and quantity of fertile mucous and reduces hostile mucous
  • Reduce miscarriage antibodies and sperm antibodies
  • Reduce the chances of morning sickness
  • May assist in the prevention of neural tube defects, atopy allergies
  • Aid in the discovery and/or treatment underlying the cause of infertility
  • Improve sperm count, sperm motility, health and quality of sperm
  • Balance hormones and boost testosterone
  • Reduce sperm antibodies
  • Improvement in circulation and health of the testes
  • Improve health of prostate and quality of seminal fluid
  • Aid in the discovery and/or treatment underlying the cause of infertility


When should I start preconception care?

Ideally you should both start at least four months prior to start trying for a baby.


Egg health – Women are born with about one million ova (immature eggs), which declines as we age. Ova mature over four months, so we can influence the quality of the remaining ova by enhancing nutrient status and reducing exposure to toxins. Once fertilised the woman’s egg also cleans up man’s sperm DNA (which can be damaged by smoking, obesity etc) which utilises the egg nutrients.


Sperm health – Men produce new sperm every three months. That’s why older gentleman can still become fathers later in life! We can greatly influence the health of the sperm to ensure they swim straight and are strong enough to fertilise the egg.

It also takes three to four months to build up vital nutrient stores, for example it takes 120 days for iron, as the life cycle of red blood cells is 120 days.

Other benefits of being under the care of a Naturopath

Not only will we guide you on diet and lifestyle, we will educate you about your body, including getting to know body and when your fertile window is. We also look at what testing may be required to ensure optimal nutrient status and refer to others in our team when required. We also have strong relationships with gynaecologists and fertility experts if required.

If you are thinking about having a child or have already started trying, it is never too late to optimise your health, book in today!

To book a consultation with Angela and find out how she can work with you to optimise your fertility contact our friendly reception team on 3366 7970, email or book online anytime.






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