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Massage has become such a popular therapy in Brisbane. At Vibe Natural Health we are passionate about tailoring your massage to suit your needs, rather than a template style “one size fits all massage.” Our massage therapists combine remedial massage techniques with relaxation elements, giving you the best of both worlds to release  tight muscles causing pain and discomfort, whilst also releasing emotional tension and stress.

As I studied to become a Naturopath, I started out working in natural medicine clinics doing massage in Brisbane. Over 8 years I worked around the country in many clinics and had the privilege  of working with Physiotherapists & Osteopaths and mentored by experienced massage therapists. I would swap a massage most weeks with some of the best therapists I could find in order to develop my massage skills. Massage is something that can be studied by anyone, but I find that a good therapist either has the touch, the “healing in their hands” or doesn’t. It’s something you can’t learn – it comes from a passion for helping people. You can often tell within the first 5 minutes of receiving a massage if the therapist has “the right touch.”

With all the massage therapists we have as part of our Vibe team, we look for people who have the right touch.  We have a diverse mix of massage therapists, some are extremely technical, with an incredible wealth of knowledge for rehabilitating injuries and tips for reducing ongoing problems. For example, Davin Vanstone is studying a Masters in Physiotherapy. Some of our therapists, such as Aline Ambauen are very intuitive, it’s baffling the way they just seem to know where all the sore/ tight/ in need of attention spots are, and they gravitate to those spots like a magnet!

It’s so important to me as the clinic director to ensure we provide the best massage in Brisbane. There’s been times where we’ve been short staffed and in the process of recruiting new massage therapists and I would close the books for the day rather than hire a sub standard fill in massage therapist. It’s just so important to me after my years of working as a massage therapist that every person who walks through the door at Vibe receives a wonderful, top class massage.

My passion for massage as a therapy began in the first year of my studies to become a Naturopath. Massage is one of the subjects that Naturopaths study and  during my massage classes, I realised what  a powerful tool massage is, facilitating the  connection between the mind and body.

Our busy lives often leave us with a scarce amount of time out for ourselves, we live with deadlines, emails, texts, busy families and social lives. Many of our clients tell us that they feel constantly “under the pump,” busy and overloaded. The wonderful thing about massage is that it connects the mind and body. Massage helps us to relax into our bodies, relaxes the nervous system and relax a busy mind. I often feel like I’ve had a week at the beach after a good massage, calmer and I think more slowly and clearly.  This happens regardless of if I’ve had a very deep tissue, firm remedial massage or a lighter relaxation massage – especially if I remember to breath deeply and not talk much during my massage.

Although our massage therapists will always ask you which areas you want focused on and the firmness of the pressure you require, please don’t feel shy to let us know what you would like during your massage. I used to feel quite shy about telling my massage therapist how I liked to be massaged – I love trigger points focused on in my shoulders and don’t feel like they’re relaxed unless they’ve been done a certain way. Once I started telling my therapist that I wanted this done, I always got the kind of massage that I wanted.  As a therapist I always appreciated when my clients were direct and honest about what they needed – then I knew that I was doing a good job and that my client was happy.

If you would like to book a massage – please call our reception on 3366 7970 and we will find a therapist to suit your needs.

You can find out more about the types of massage in Brisbane that we offer on our website :

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