Address that neck pain this year with Osteopathy


Neck pain is a common complain I see as an Osteopath, and affects nearly everyone at some point in their life. The neck is a highly mobile area of our body, adjusting constantly to provide movement and support while we carry out our daily activities. For this reason it is an area that frequent problems occur.

Causes of neck pain include:

–        Osteoarthritis of the joints

–        Whiplash

–        Muscular strains

–        Disc damage

–        Trauma

–        Compression of nerves

–        Joint irritation or sprains

–        Referral from  the shoulders, upper back and jaw

Due to the many causes of neck pain there is also numerous symptoms experienced such as:

–        Headaches/migraines

–        Stiffness

–        Nausea

–        Changes in vision

–        Dizziness

–        Dull, sharp, aching or radiating pain

–        Nerve pain

–        Numbness or tingling into the arms

How Osteopathy can help

Osteopathy has had proven results in treating neck pain as shown in a 2008 study concluding “A series of test-dependent osteopathic interventions may be a promising therapeutic regimen for chronic neck pain sufferers…changes seem to have a positive impact on quality of life.”(1)

Osteopathy focuses the areas causing your pain, as well factors that may be contributing such as posture while at a computer. For this reason areas that may be treated include your ribs, back and pelvis as well as your head and neck. Treatment will involve hands on techniques which may include soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation or manipulation to address restrictions in joints, muscles and ligaments. Strengthening and stretching programs may also be given to help prevent re-occurrence as well as posture advice.

So book your Osteopathy treatment today and start the new year off with improving your health today!

Dr Emma Kopcikas, is an Osteopath at Vibe Natural Health Grange in North Brisbane. She practices Monday to Saturday and you can read more about Emma here.

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(1) Schwerla, Florian et al. “Osteopathic Treatment Of Patients With Chronic Non-Specific Neck Pain: A Randomised Controlled Trial Of Efficacy”. Forsch Komplementmed 15.3 (2008): 138-145.

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