Post-Natal Massage Therapy for Brisbane Mums

At Vibe Natural Health we offer Mums a haven for their health and wellbeing. We offer the best postnatal massage Brisbane can offer, with experienced therapists and private health fund rebates.

The joys of your new baby also take its toll on your body. Time out for you for post natal massage allows healing and balance to restore to the body. After giving birth, your body changes posture and uses different muscles and has to adapt from the demands of being "front heavy" during pregnancy to the new demands looking after a newborn.

After labour or c-section the core abdominal muscles are often weak. The lower back, neck and shoulders may have become tight and the body needs to find a way to move well now that you are no longer pregnant. Postnatal massage helps to correct postural problems and tight muscles, preventing back pain which can often arise from strains from carrying and lifting your baby.

Some prams weigh up to 25kg with baby and baby bag on board and pushing this with weak abdominal muscles and a tight back can cause pain and discomfort. Our Massage and Musculoskeletal Therapists will help your body get back to balance and also give you some lovely time out for yourself.

Benefits of Postpartum / Postnatal Massage:

  • Improve breastfeeding posture
  • relieves neck and back pain caused by holding your baby and nursing
  • reduces musculoskeletal pain
  • may assist and prevent post natal depression by balancing your connection to your body
  • aids to recovery from caesarean / c-section birth by aligning your posture
  • promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage reducing fluid retention
  • provides some “me time” and a supportive relationship with your massage therapist
  • improves realignment of the pelvis and spine after pregnancy, correcting posture and assisting you to move more freely without pain

We also offer a Mum’s bounce back to health package with our Naturopath to improve your diet, energy levels, stress levels, balance hormones and improve your wellbeing.

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

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What to expect from your Post-Natal Massage consultation

We offer sports massage, deep tissue massage, remedial massage, relaxation massage and pregnancy massage to clients all over Brisbane. 

Health fund rebates: if you have private health extras cover you can claim a rebate for massages with most of our therapists via our HICAPS terminal and just pay the gap fee.


Post Natal Massage - 30 minutes - $60

Post Natal Massage - 45 minutes - $75

Post Natal Massage - 60 minutes - $95

Post Natal Massage - 90 minutes - $135


Pay for one full price massage and join the massage club to receive a 60 minute massage every following month for $85. Click here for details

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Meet the Massage Therapists at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

Ian Kim Remedial Massage BrisbaneIan Kim

With a background in personal training and functional movement, Ian is passionate about helping others stay active.

An experienced remedial massage therapist, Ian will focus on relieving your painful symptoms and can offer advice on stretching and exercise if that is a helpful addition to your treatment.

Pregnancy Massages
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Tight or painful muscles and joints
Relief from back, neck and shoulder pain
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