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Plagiocephaly treatment brisbane

Plagiocephaly in babies - flat or misshapen head

Plagiocephaly means a mishapen or uneven head shape in babies, most commonly a flat spot at the back or side of the head.  It's a very common problem and many babies are born with uneven head shapes due to the pressures on their heads in the womb or during delivery. Your baby's head should return to a symmetrical shape by about 6 weeks after delivery. If left untreated , plagiocephaly may change baby's physical appearance by causing uneven growth of their face and head.  plagiocephaly_osteopath_brisbane

When we think about those last moments of delivery, we think about the pain and trauma the mother faces whilst pushing a baby out through a significantly limited space. Yet, we mustn’t forget that for the baby, they are also being moved and twisted and forced through a small canal themselves. And this event, combined with the malleability of a babies cranial bones can lead to uneven head shapes. If you add in the use of forceps or a vacuum then there is a likelihood that there will be some tension or slight distortion through the head.

Flat spots can also occur in the newborn period as tightness through the neck can cause discomfort in a babies movements,  leading to them to prefer resting their head on a certain side.

With the increase in encouragement for the ‘back-sleeping’ SIDS safe posture,  or for babies who don't like "tummy time" this too can cause flat spots to occur. The other place it can occur, is in-utero. There is only so much space in there and babies are known to get themselves into some interesting positions which can lead to uneven pressure across the head for extended periods of time.

For treatment of Plagiocephaly and with most things in life, acting sooner rather than later is ideal. The younger you can have the issue addressed, the more potential there is for correction. The lack of fusion through the cranial bones  of babies early in life is advantageous for Osteopaths looking to address flat spots. They are more malleable and may respond better to treatment.

The risk in leaving flat spots or any asymmetry untreated through the skull, is that besides a possible aesthetic difference it might lead to postural issues in the future. Therefor it is best to seek treatment as promptly as possible.

If you're looking for Plagiocephaly treatment for your baby in Brisbane, our Osteopaths may be able assist and are happy to be contacted for a chat if you have any questions.


What to expect during your baby's osteopathic session

Our Osteopath, Dr Emma Kopcikas is experienced in helping parents with a variety of concerns that affect young babies, including plagiocephaly. Should you have any questions about whether Osteopathy is the right approch for you and your child, you are welcome to call with any questions.

Initial Osteopathic consultations for babies at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane take up to one hour, where we really get to know you and your child. We take a comprehensive health history before doing any hands on work to ensure that we assess your baby's unique situation in a holistic manner.

Dr Emma then uses a series of gentle hands on techniques that balance the nervous system and address any areas of imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. This may have a flow on effect to asisst imbalances in other organs and systems of the body.

Follow up consultations are for half an hour. Emma enjoys working as an Osteopath treating babies and children and has joined the team at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane so she can work alongside a team of family focused team of Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Acupuncurists and Massage therapists, dedicated to looking after the health of you and your children.


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