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Women's Reproductive Health

Women’s Reproductive Health

It can be a very confusing time for women in their 20s and early 30s deciding whether they want to have children or not and how they are going to fit it in with their career and other aspirations.

On one hand, they have their ‘ticking biological clock’ telling them to get on with it, and on the other hand they have their desire for a successful career and financial security telling them to hold off. To add to the confusion, it all comes at a time that seems most inconvenient, with many women having just graduated from university and getting into the full swing of a new job. Women can be fearful of losing their active social life, travel plans and the independence, spontaneity and freedom that comes with young adulthood.

fertility psychologist brisbaneAnother stress that can be added to this time for a young woman is trying to manage her own values and opinions with differing values and opinions of her parents, her partner, her partner’s parents, her friends and her community. These values are often conflicting and it can be difficult for a young woman to negotiate and reconcile her needs and wishes with the needs and wishes of everyone else who may have very different ideas about having a family and raising children.

Some women may never want to have children. It can be difficult to let down parents who had their heart set on grandchildren and women can feel very guilty about putting themselves before their parents. On the other hand, some women may want to have children without being married, or younger than the norm of their social circle. It can be scary to break the mould and values of your family and community and bare the criticism that may come with this.

Unplanned pregnancy

Some young women are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. This can be very stressful for their relationship if there are differing opinions on whether to keep the baby or not. For women who decide to terminate they can struggle with feelings of grief and loss, guilt and regret. For some women who decide to go ahead with the pregnancy it can be a very difficult time having to adjust to their new role so quickly and grieving the idealised timeline for their life that they had previously planned.

IVF and fertility issues

As for couples who get married, as soon as the wedding is over the questions of when they are going to have kids start pouring in. This can be difficult to hear for people who may not want to have children, who are not ready at this current time, or who may be currently struggling with fertility issues. Some people find it difficult to have a very private part of their life constantly being scrutinized.

Once the decision has been made, having children can be a very easy process for some women but for many there can be several agonising bumps in the roads. The process of trying to have a family can come with many moments of grief caused by infertility, failed IVF cycles, miscarriages, stillborns, genetic abnormalities and other health implications for both mother and baby.

Finally, it is common, even for women with no reproductive difficulties, to experience some grief and anxiety when adjusting to their new role of motherhood and letting go of their old identity.

Our psychologists at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane are here to help you.

We understand that it can be difficult being a young woman. Whatever you may be going through in regards to your reproductive health, we can help you to manage your emotions and learn helpful coping strategies to ensure this time in your life is as enjoyable as it can be.

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