Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS PhotosDo your legs ever feel like they are trying to run a marathon while you are trying to sleep? It’s kinda like your legs have a mind of their own, like two stubborn kids who would rather be out running around than sleeping. What you have is called Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and it basically means your legs want to party all night long. Which is great if you are indeed a party goer, but if you were, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this article. You need your legs to sleep, to rest. Well, lets talk about a few things that might help you get a better, restless free night.

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A Path to Better, Clearer Skin

Acne photo I regularly hear women with acne say “everything gets worse around my cycle. I dread that time of the month’. Breakouts, deeper cystic acne, oily skin, redness and congestion can all be part of this picture. If you feel this way, you aren’t alone, close to ¾ of women experience worse acne breakouts in the lead up to the period. However it is highly likely that out of balance hormones aren’t actually the issue. Certainly they might be part of the problem but focusing on hormones alone rarely leads to lasting improvements in acne. And as experienced by many women who want clear skin there comes a time when being on the oral contraceptive pill or more serious acne medications such as roaccutane no longer helps. So if the cause isn’t hormones then what is? Continue reading “A Path to Better, Clearer Skin”

Reflexology and Anxiety



Feeling down, anxious, depressed?  Lacking confidence in yourself and drive to get through your days?

Have you had a reflexology treatment before?

Reflexology is the application of acupressure or manipulation of the feet, hands or face to increase health benefits.

Certain parts of your foot are believed to correspond to the parts of the body. You may have seen a “Reflexology chart” showing this somewhere like a massage clinic. Applying pressure to a particular part of the foot will send a signal to the corresponding body part and is believed to improve the health of that body part.  Some people refer to it simply as a “foot massage” but reflexology is believed to provide more health benefits than an ordinary foot massage.

Does reflexology help with anxiety?

Many of my clients have stated that it has definitely assisted them to feel more relaxed following the treatment. They tell me that they feel a lot calmer than before the treatment and the benefits can be far deeper than just a feeling of wellbeing. Continue reading “Reflexology and Anxiety”

Do You Suffer From Joint Pain?

Joint pain is a common complaint that more and more people are experiencing. Typically though, with our busy lifestyles, we tend to ignore the signs that our body needs help. By the time we do notice the aches and pains coming from our joints, it has become a significant problem with other factors and areas of the body contributing and causing more pain and discomfort.

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Shoulder Pain Dragging You Down?

Shoulder pain is a frequent complaint that I see in my patients daily and something that everyone experiences at least once in their lives. The shoulder needs to be one of the most mobile joint’s in the body as it is used from the minute we wake in the morning to the time we fall asleep at night, as well as fairly frequently while we sleep! Therefore pain, tightness or loss of motion in the shoulder or in surrounding areas causes significant problems in a patient’s daily life.

Common shoulder problems arise from muscles, ligaments and tendons of the shoulder and surrounding area not performing as they should. Typically they cause numerous problems in patients being unable to perform daily activities such as reaching overhead. Many patients come to the clinic after months of ignoring their pain which results in a worsening of symptoms and a longer recovery time. It is always best with all new pains to seek treatment sooner rather than later so as to avoid potential chronic and debilitating injuries which take longer to resolve. Continue reading “Shoulder Pain Dragging You Down?”

Achieving Work Life Balance


Seeking a balance between our work and personal lives is something that most of us strive for. It is also natural, at the beginning of a new year, to seek perspective, regroup and assess our thoughts and goals. In our daily routines we may have ambitions to climb the career ladder, be the best possible parent, achieve high grades, improve our health and fitness or to start a new business. These ambitions lead to never ending deadlines, rushing from one meeting to the next, planning what to have for dinner, do house hold chores, tend to the children and so on. Then we still need to get to bed at a decent time to ensure we are well rested to face another manic day. Continue reading “Achieving Work Life Balance”

What Are Your Goals in 2016 for Work/Life Balance?


Work-life balance can mean different things to different people. It is all about balancing the time, energy and attention that you put into work, family and friends, health, nutrition, physical activity, relaxation, and mind (emotions, values, beliefs.) For most people, achieving an exact balance every day, day in, day out, is not possible. So rather than a perfect balance of time, it is realistic to aim for a division of your time that helps you feel the best version of yourself as often as possible.

Benefits of work-life balance include an increased sense of well-being, energy, happiness, better mental, physical and emotional health, reduced stress and a greater enjoyment and appreciation of life.

Take time to look back over the last few months, has your life felt balanced?

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3 Secrets to Help Conquer Stress and Increase Your Wellbeing

Stress is something that we all experience  to varying degrees throughout our life. One type of stress, known as eustress, is actually a positive type of stress and is used to help us achieve our goals in a positive and productive way. But what happens when the pressure and worry of everyday life starts to get on top of you?  For some it might be work, for others finances; assignments, family, health – you name it, it is probably on someone’s list as a source of worry and frustration. The stress response that our bodies go through was designed millions of years ago to prepare ourselves for what is known as “fight or flight” – as in, do we stay and fight the dinosaur that’s about to attack or do we run away from it and hide in our cave? Now these days there are no dinosaurs stalking us but there are plenty of situations that can trigger the nervous system to prepare for this “fight or flight” response. And it’s when this survival system is triggered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis that our minds, bodies and spirits start to suffer and break down. Continue reading “3 Secrets to Help Conquer Stress and Increase Your Wellbeing”

Green Gift Giving – Herbs for Health

What better way to help celebrate the festive season with a gift that just keeps giving!

No matter how big or small you or your friend’s living space is, there is always room for a pot of herbs. Herbs are wonderful nutrient rich plants that are a useful addition to any household.

Why not grow your own or expand your own garden. Planting and looking after your herb garden can be fun and rewarding for the kids (and big kids.)

They make great presents and in the future you can do swaps with your friends and family. Next year you could give them a gift of your produce – try a flavoured oil or homemade face mask.

You may be thinking – “but I don’t have a green thumb”, alas there are plenty of hardy herbs that are easy to grow and maintain – I recommend Rosemary and Peppermint.

Buy a plant from your local green grocer, market or nursery, then you can pick the growers brain for tips to properly care for the plant.

Aromatic herbs (eg Rosemary and Sage) love the warmer weather and sunlight, so you can leave them on your window ledge!

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Spring Clean Your Liver

Chinese Medicine dietary advice for health and wellness through the seasons.


Let’s talk about spring… While winter was a time to conserve energy and reduce activity, spring is a time of regeneration and new beginnings. Seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth. You only have to look outside to see and feel the changes in the air! Spring is the ideal time for cleansing and rejuvenation for overall health and well-being.

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