How remedial massage helps relieve insomnia

TiredThere are not many things in life that can refresh and rejuvenate your body like a good night’s sleep. But if that’s the thing you aren’t getting – even when you know it’s what you need – it can start to be a real drag…and not just at night time. You may start to feel that drag all through the day interfering with your life, your work, family and friends.

Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a basic human need.

I think of insomnia like driving your car every day without ever changing the oil, putting air in your tires, or getting any other maintenance done. Sooner or later, you’re going to break down. Continue reading “How remedial massage helps relieve insomnia”

Your Body During And After Pregnancy


During and post pregnancy, your body will experience rapid changes that will place increased stress on your muscles, ligaments and joints. Most women believe pain and discomfort go hand in hand during pregnancy and often believe they must wait until after the birth of their child to experience relief. However this doesn’t have to be the case, as Osteopathic care can help to manage or alleviate pregnancy related aches and pains. Continue reading “Your Body During And After Pregnancy”

The Physical Effects of Anxiety – And How Osteopathy Can Help



Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem or lack confidence?

What many of my clients don’t realise is the effect these conditions can have on their musculoskeletal system from tight muscles, headaches, difficulty breathing and poor posture.

Our Osteopath Emma Kopcikas will explain to us the impact mental health conditions have on the musculoskeletal system and how Osteopathy can help, as well as simple techniques we can incorporate into our day to lessen our anxiety and boost confidence.

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Aches and pains. What do they mean and what are they telling us?


Most of us experience aches and pain throughout our body on a semi regular basis.

But what do they mean, and what are they telling us?

Generally they are signals warning us that there is some level of dysfunction.  The signals vary in feeling, area and intensity and should always be paid attention to.  By paying attention to the signals they are sending we are able to work towards finding the underlying cause and by addressing this, to help you find relief and avoid a recurrence.

There are 3 main types of pain that osteopathy can assist with …

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Osteopathic Management During and After Pregnancy

The changes to the body during pregnancy are huge! Spinal curves are constantly changing, the pelvis widens, there is more pressure on the hip joints and the abdominal muscles are challenged. All of which are suddenly changed after delivery.  A significant amount of pain during and after pregnancy can be due to weak muscles within the pelvis and lower back, such as the pelvic floor, deep abdominals and deep spinal muscles. It is no surprise that pain can occur, such as:

  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatic nerve irritation
  • Hip pain
  • Headaches
  • Incontinence

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The Benefits of Sports Massage

Many professional and Olympic athletes include Sports Massage in their training programme to keep their performance level high. It helps strengthen and tone your muscles and get you ready to perform at your best. It also reduces the risk of injury. On their website, the Australian Sports Commission recommends Sports Massage as a physiological and psychological strategy for recovery.

However, Sports Massage is not just for top athletes but also for amateur athletes, those who do physical work and even people who take their dog out for a walk. Continue reading “The Benefits of Sports Massage”

Massage Therapy – why me time is a necessity, not just a luxury.

Relaxation Massage at Vibe Natural Health Brisbane

These days it seems that no pleasure is complete without a side of guilt.

The biggest misconception about Relaxation Massage Therapy is that it is a luxury. How many of you only pamper yourselves to a massage on a special occasion or when you’ve hit the wall are are in acute pain?

Massage Therapy may seem a little self-indulgent; after all you are serenading yourself into the warm healing touch of your therapist and drifting far away from daily stresses into pure relaxation and harmony. But Massage Therapy is not only a blissful experience; it is just an added bonus. Massage has been proven to have many health benefits and should be an absolute priority in achieving optimal health and well being for the body, mind and spirit.

There’s a great article on CNN’s  which explains this very well. Many of us with our busy lives today fulfil obligations to everyone else except our selves. We have so much to do for work, for family, for friends, often ourselves come a distant last. For long term physical and mental wellbeing, time out or “me time” is more important than ever. For some this is turning off the mobile phone, getting away from the computer or having a massage. Me time has many benefits, and should be scheduled into a busy lifestyle to balance out the noise and stress. Continue reading “Massage Therapy — why me time is a necessity, not just a luxury.”

Pregnancy Massage Brisbane at Vibe Natural Health

At Vibe Natural Health we offer pregnancy massage to women all over Brisbane. Our therapists are all fully qualified massage therapists, with current first aid, professional association accreditation and are registered with private health funds. Our massage therapists are trained to offer safe and professional pregnancy massage.



We use specially designed memory foam pregnancy massage tables  which  allow you to lie face down while your belly and breasts are fully supported. If you are uncomfortable  lying this way we can massage you lying on your side supported by pillows or seated on a massage chair. About one third of our total massage clientele consists of pregnant women and all our therapists are experienced pregnancy massage therapists who have a special interest in natal massage care.

We thought we’d write a blog about the benefits of pregnancy massage and the questions we get asked by our clients before they book.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage: Continue reading “Pregnancy Massage Brisbane at Vibe Natural Health”

Massage in Brisbane – Vibe Natural Health ph 3366 7970

Massage has become such a popular therapy in Brisbane. At Vibe Natural Health we are passionate about tailoring your massage to suit your needs, rather than a template style “one size fits all massage.” Our massage therapists combine remedial massage techniques with relaxation elements, giving you the best of both worlds to release  tight muscles causing pain and discomfort, whilst also releasing emotional tension and stress.

As I studied to become a Naturopath, I started out working in natural medicine clinics doing massage in Brisbane. Over 8 years I worked around the country in many clinics and had the privilege  of working with Physiotherapists & Osteopaths and mentored by experienced massage therapists. I would swap a massage most weeks with some of the best therapists I could find in order to develop my massage skills. Massage is something that can be studied by anyone, but I find that a good therapist either has the touch, the “healing in their hands” or doesn’t. It’s something you can’t learn – it comes from a passion for helping people. You can often tell within the first 5 minutes of receiving a massage if the therapist has “the right touch.”

With all the massage therapists we have as part of our Vibe team, we look for people who have the right touch.  We have a diverse mix of massage therapists, some are extremely technical, with an incredible wealth of knowledge for rehabilitating injuries and tips for reducing ongoing problems. For example, Davin Vanstone is studying a Masters in Physiotherapy. Some of our therapists, such as Aline Ambauen are very intuitive, it’s baffling the way they just seem to know where all the sore/ tight/ in need of attention spots are, and they gravitate to those spots like a magnet! Continue reading “Massage in Brisbane — Vibe Natural Health ph 3366 7970”

Benefits of Remedial Massage – Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane

Remedial Massage has become a very popular treatment over the past few years.  Our clients of our Brisbane based clinic, Vibe Natural Health,  often ask us about the ways massage can benefit their health.


The difference between Remedial Massage and Relaxation Massage is that Remedial Massage is aimed at reducing pain, improving range of motion of the muscles and joints and aiding and preventing injuries.  It’s a much firmer massage style, using a combination of deep techniques that release the muscles and tendons.

Remedial Massage helps to re-educate and re-align the body. After a massage you find you are much more aware of your body and your posture.  We walk around, drive around and sit for long periods of time, often without giving much thought to our posture. We may slump – putting pressure on the lower back, stick our neck out like a turkey while driving – causing neck, chest and shoulder pain or carry a heavy bag – changing the dynamics of the hips and shoulders when we walk which can lead to lower back pain. Continue reading “Benefits of Remedial Massage — Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane”