Pregnancy Massage Brisbane at Vibe Natural Health

At Vibe Natural Health we offer pregnancy massage to women all over Brisbane. Our therapists are all fully qualified massage therapists, with current first aid, professional association accreditation and are registered with private health funds. Our massage therapists are trained to offer safe and professional pregnancy massage.



We use specially designed memory foam pregnancy massage tables  which  allow you to lie face down while your belly and breasts are fully supported. If you are uncomfortable  lying this way we can massage you lying on your side supported by pillows or seated on a massage chair. About one third of our total massage clientele consists of pregnant women and all our therapists are experienced pregnancy massage therapists who have a special interest in natal massage care.

We thought we’d write a blog about the benefits of pregnancy massage and the questions we get asked by our clients before they book.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage:

  • relieves tight muscles that occur as the body changes it’s weight distribution with pregnancy
  • relaxes neck and shoulder muscles which may have years of built up tightness from computer work and driving, in preparation for carrying and breastfeeding new baby
  • helps movement of lymphatics, assisting in reducing fluid retention, sore legs and “cankles”
  • connects mind and body, mother and baby – valuable time out for you
  • reduces stress by increasing “feel good” hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • reduces blood pressure
  • assists blood flow and circulation
  • prepares the muscles around the lower back and hips for childbirth
  • relieves headaches
  • relieves sciatic pain and lower back pain

Pregnancy Massage Safety

Massage is safe all throughout pregnancy unless you are in a “high risk” category. If you have been diagnosed or experienced the following, consult your obstetrician before having pregnancy massage. We massage women right until they give birth and many women come to see us the week they are due to relieve discomfort and prepare the muscles for labour.

Our therapists are trained to avoid the use of essential oils and avoid massaging the abdominal area, with care taken around the sacrum and lower back.

  • Previous history of miscarriage – if you have experienced previous miscarriages and have a high risk of miscarriage, consult your obstetrician before having a massage.
  • Massage during first trimester : Some clinics won’t massage any woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. This is because miscarriage risk is highest during the first trimester and clinics are afraid of litigation. Gentle massage techniques, performed by a qualified remedial massage therapists,  avoiding deep techniques around the pelvis and abdomen are perfectly safe during the first trimester and we have performed massage on women in their first trimester safely for many years.
  • If you have experienced cramping, bleeding or abdominal pain,  suffer from Gestational Diabetes, high blood pressure, previous history of blood clots, deep vein thrombosis or placental abruption – obtain your obstetricians advice before proceeding with massage.
  • We recommend that you are well hydrated and drink plenty of water before your massage. Please ensure you have eaten a good sized snack or meal in the couple of hours before your massage to avoid feeling feint due to low blood sugar.
  • If you feel too relaxed or spacey to drive after your pregnancy massage, we encourage you to have a glass of water and sit in our waiting room or go for a walk by the creek pathway next to our clinic to refresh yourself.

Pregnancy Massage is such a wonderful way to relax, connect with your body and growing baby and prepare for labour.

We recommend a monthly massage in the first and second trimesters, with weekly or fortnightly massage in the third trimester as the body’s posture and weight distribution changes. If you live in Brisbane and would like to book a pregnancy massage, please call us on 3366 7970 or book online

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