Hormone Health For Post Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

by Sally Broadhurst - Naturopath & Nutritionist on June 7, 2016 · 0 comments


The demands on women’s bodies for growing, birthing and feeding a child are high and ever changing. Not only are we providing nutrition for two people at different points in the process; our bodies are also undergoing massive fluctuations in hormone levels as well.

So how do we replenish and maintain, not only vital nutrient levels but also keep our hormones balanced through our diets?

These days there is so much information out there – from health professionals to other mum’s experiences on Internet forums, each with their own opinion of what is happening and how to deal with it. It is understandable that it can be downright confusing to work out what is the right thing to choose in order to maintain balanced health and wellbeing during this period of change and growth in our lives. One of the easiest ways to balance hormones is through our diet; and by combining nutrition with the knowledge about how our hormones are processed, detoxified and eliminated by the body, we can build a strong foundation for supporting our health and our babies health as we move through motherhood and beyond. [read more....…]


Your Body During And After Pregnancy

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During and post pregnancy, your body will experience rapid changes that will place increased stress on your muscles, ligaments and joints. Most women believe pain and discomfort go hand in hand during pregnancy and often believe they must wait until after the birth of their child to experience relief. However this doesn’t have to be the case, as Osteopathic care can help to manage or alleviate pregnancy related aches and pains. [read more....…]


Preconception Care

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What is preconception care?

Preconception care is an opportunity to improve both you and your partners health required for promoting healthy sperm, egg health and uterine environment.  Think of pregnancy as like a marathon, we want to start training now and optimise our diet and lifestyle which can influence up to three generations to come!

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Reflexology and Anxiety

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Feeling down, anxious, depressed?  Lacking confidence in yourself and drive to get through your days?

Have you had a reflexology treatment before?

Reflexology is the application of acupressure or manipulation of the feet, hands or face to increase health benefits.

Certain parts of your foot are believed to correspond to the parts of the body. You may have seen a “Reflexology chart” showing this somewhere like a massage clinic. Applying pressure to a particular part of the foot will send a signal to the corresponding body part and is believed to improve the health of that body part.  Some people refer to it simply as a “foot massage” but reflexology is believed to provide more health benefits than an ordinary foot massage.

Does reflexology help with anxiety?

Many of my clients have stated that it has definitely assisted them to feel more relaxed following the treatment. They tell me that they feel a lot calmer than before the treatment and the benefits can be far deeper than just a feeling of wellbeing. [read more....…]




Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem or lack confidence?

What many of my clients don’t realise is the effect these conditions can have on their musculoskeletal system from tight muscles, headaches, difficulty breathing and poor posture.

Our Osteopath Danielle Harris will explain to us the impact mental health conditions have on the musculoskeletal system and how Osteopathy can help, as well as simple techniques we can incorporate into our day to lessen our anxiety and boost confidence.

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Days stacking up? Esteem taking a hit? Confidence at a low?

We can help you destress, feel energised, happy and relaxed.


Confidence and self-esteem can be difficult to get back once they’re gone. It’s like a catch twenty-two sometimes, you kind of need them to have them, without the confidence to say to yourself “hey! You’re doing great!” it can be hard to break the negative thought loops and self-talk that keep you feeling low.

Though, in my experience people who are experiencing low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in themselves often don’t realise that there is in fact a large physical component to this emotional imbalance, after all, our emotional psyche is built out of physical constituents and the chemical balances in our body play a significant role in our moods and reflection of ourselves and the world around us.

Most of us will have heard about serotonin and dopamine and the roles they play in feeling positive and content. When these neurotransmitters are ‘out of whack’ it can be difficult to foster a positive outlook, sure, coping strategies, psychology and perspective change is hugely beneficial, but without the underlying physiological components being in balance it can be like trying to bake a cake without ingredients, you’ve got the method but lack the materials!

That’s where Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help! [read more....…]


Osteopathy and Your Digestive Health

by Elysia Humphries - Naturopath on April 7, 2016 · 0 comments

fe8baffc-f33c-4063-840c-9da4d72b4d16Digestive issues are not something many people associate an Osteopath with treating, but they are a common problem most of us have. Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, cramps, colic, indigestion and reflux are symptoms many adults and children suffer, with many consuming multiple over the counter medications to treat. Instead of masking your symptoms, why not discover the cause! And have your symptoms treated naturally without drugs! Our Osteopath Danielle will explain to us the benefits Osteopathy can provide to the digestive system in adults, children and babies.

Typically, we all have some digestive discomfort such as bloating or gas after eating certain foods, but it is when these types of symptoms become a constant in our lives that they prompt the need for further investigation and treatment.

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The Gut Brain Connection

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Digestive health is so important for health!

Do you feel butterflies in the pit of their stomach when you are stressed or anxious?

This reaction shows there is a complex interaction between your gut and brain, with the gut being referred to as our “second brain”. The gut is full of nerves and neurotransmitter receptors from the enteric nervous system (part of the autonomic nervous system which performs unconscious function, like your heart beating) that is wired directly to the brain. The gut cells produce most of our serotonin, the “happy” neurotransmitter, so not only do we need to look at ingesting enough of the nutrients required for serotonin production, we need to ensure our gut health is in balance to be able to utilise it! [read more....…]


How to Treat a Sick Gut – A Case Study

by Sally Broadhurst - Naturopath & Nutritionist on April 7, 2016 · 0 comments


 Find out here at our FREE WORKSHOP

Wednesday 27th April – 6:30pm

How to treat a sick Gut – A Case Study

with Naturopath Sally Broadhurst


Discover how Natural Medicine can help improve your digestion and wellbeing.

Gut dysbiosis (a fancy word for imbalance) is becoming more and more commonplace in our fast paced world. Symptoms and the intensity of digestive imbalance can present differently in everyone depending on the level of damage and how long it’s been happening for.

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Abdominal discomfort and digestive disorders are common complaints in modern society, with estimates suggesting up to 40% of the Australian adult population experience some form of Gastro-Intestinal (GI) symptom/s. Common symptoms include bloating, sluggish digestion, acid regurgitation, constipation/diarrhoea or pain, to name a few.

Often, people have lived with these symptoms for so long that they consider them to be part of their normal digestion, many do not seek therapeutic intervention.

Considering we derive the bulk of our daily energy from the food we eat, proper digestion is crucial to optimal energy levels and a raised standard of living. Poor or compromised digestion and gastric motility can be a predisposing factor to many, perhaps seemingly unrelated complaints including: headache, fatigue, lack of sleep quality or insomnia, shortness of breath, hot flushes, cold hands and feet, emotional imbalances and more. [read more....…]