How to get the most out of your Remedial Massage at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane

Top 5 things you can do to get the most out of your remedial massage

1. Focus on your breathing during your massage

During your massage, remember to breathe. Taking slow, deep breaths deep into your ribs will help to relax you and aid your muscles to release under the firm pressure used during a remedial massage. During remedial massage, trigger points and firm pressure can be used to get tight muscles and knots to relax. People often hold their breath or contract their muscles when sore spots are found during a massage. Never tell yourself to “handle the pressure” as this can lead to you feeling anxious or in pain. Let your therapist know if the pressure is too strong so a good balance can be found to help the muscle to release, without causing pain for you. Connecting to your breath helps you release tension.

2. Communicate with your massage therapist

Don’t be afraid to discuss any your needs or any concerns that you may have once the massage has started. Ask your therapist to focus on the areas of your body that you feel need the most treatment time. Your therapist is a professional dedicated to do their best to help you feel at ease at all times. You’ll get the most from your massage if you communicate what you need. You may like to ask to include the feet and forehead as these areas carry a lot of tension and you feel very relaxed after they are massaged.

3. Talking during your massage

Some people like to talk during a massage session, while others like to remain silent. In general, the massage therapist will follow your lead. If you’d like to stay quiet and focus on your breathing, please tell the therapist at the start of the treatment.

4. Quiet time

After your massage, allow for some quiet time. Drink plenty of water, have a bath, go to sleep, rest and recover. Let your body absorb the benefits of your massage and take some time out for you.

5. Regular treatments

We recommend monthly remedial massage. Having a monthly massage with an experienced therapist helps you connect with your body and take time out from having a busy mind.  Massage is great for every body and the benefits of having massage with a regular therapist who gets to know your body are huge.

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