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Sports Massage in Brisbane

Our Brisbane sports massage clinic is located at 210 Days Rd, Grange in North Brisbane.  We are experienced in treating people who exercise regularly, have personal trainers and professional sports people.

Loosen your muscles with a Sports Massage

Exercise and sport are fantastic for health and fitness, but unless we stretch the muscles out with regular stretching, yoga or pilates, the muscles can be toned, but very tight. This tightness if left untreated can lead to sports injuries, muscle pain and weakness in opposing muscle groups.

Benefits of Sports Massage:

  • Reduce the chance of injury by relaxing tight muscles
  • Improve power and performance by increasing range of motion in muscles and joints
  • Shorten recovery time between workouts/ training sessions
  • Increase blood flow and nutrients to muscles
  • Enhance the body's repair and recovery process after exercise
  • Improve flexibility
  • May extend the life of your sporting career
  • Decrease performance anxiety, focus on the game, not the pain

How many Sports Massages will I need?

If you exercise regularly and aren't moving as well as usual or have pain or an injury, we recommend a short course of weekly or fortnightly treatments. This ensures that the muscle fibres are lengthened, which will ease your movement and reduce pain. It takes months of hard work to get trim and toned and build muscle, and it also takes a few massages to relax the muscles.

Our therapists offer some of the best sports massage therapy in Brisbane. They will assess your body, the kind of movements your sport puts your body through and recommend the right massage and stretches to get you moving well.

Our sports massage therapists treat many of Brisbane's personal trainers, runners, cyclists, triathletes, football players, dancers, rowers, golfers, wake boarders, and clients with personal trainers or boot camp participants.

If you have cancer and would like to enquire about massage, please call our Reception team to be directed to the right practitioner for you. It is best to have permission from your GP or Oncologist to ensure massage is safe for you.

Prices for sports massage at our Brisbane Clinics

30 minutes  $60   :  45 minutes $75  :  60 minutes $95  :  90 minutes $135

Health fund rebates: If you have private health extras cover you can claim a rebate for massages with most of our therapists via our Hicaps terminal and just pay the gap fee.

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