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Healthy Periods

Are painful periods & PMS symptoms affecting your life? Balance your hormones naturally so that your period sails by unnoticed. Reduce period pain.

Period PainIs a hormone imbalance affecting your health? Feeling not quite right? If your tests say there's nothing wrong but you want more advice...

Period pain relief

Period pain, heavy periods and PMS are becoming more common as we put off having babies until later in life, take the contraceptive pill and lead busy and stressful lives.

Many women think that period pain and PMS are something women just need to "soldier on and deal with." But it is not normal and you CAN do something about it.

Pain and discomfort is a warning sign from the body that something is not right. Inflammation and hormonal imbalance can be causing the body to react and produce irritating symptoms every month.

Do you suffer from:

  • painful periods?
  • back pain during your period?
  • sore, lumpy, swollen breasts?
  • excessively heavy periods?
  • mood swings, emotionally sensitive for more than a day prior to your period?
  • low libido?
  • weight gain around your middle?

If you answer yes to any of the above you may have a hormone imbalance which can be treated with natural medicine, herbs and a hormone balancing diet. You don't have to live with period pain, there are many safe and effective natural remedies for period pain.

Hormone Balance Oestrogen: Progesterone

Oestrogen is a hormone which naturally rises and falls throughout the month to help the uterus ready for the possibility of pregnancy. Progesterone is also released after ovulation and is higher in the later weeks of the menstrual cycle.

Modern lifestyle factors have lead many modern women to be more dominant in Oestrogen than Progesterone and this can lead to many hormonal imbalances, mood swings, weight gain and period problems.

Factors which lead to Oestrogen dominance are:

  • Environmental chemicals found in plastics, cosmetics, cleaning products and pesticides
  • Long term use of the contraceptive pill
  • Liver problems - constipation, bloating, excessive alcohol consumption
  • Diet high in sugars and animal fats
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Diet low in vegetables and wholegrains like legumes, nuts and seeds

The good news is that oestrogen dominance can be tested for with saliva hormone testing

Our Naturopaths can provide you with a saliva hormone testing kit and give you a plan including a hormone balancing diet, and herbs to improve your liver function and balance your hormones.

How long will it take for my periods to improve?

This varies depending on your level of hormone imbalance. 

As the menstrual cycle takes approx 28 days and there are many hormones involved it is a delicate balancing act for the body to come into balance. We find that our clients usually experience an improvement in symptoms by their second or third period after starting treatment. 

Client Testimonial - PMS, Hormonal Weight Gain Eased

"I suffered from dreadful PMS and weight fluctuations and needed some help. You've done an excellent job at reducing my weight fluctuations and severe pms symptoms." J.McCallum

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