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Mum's Post Natal Health Program



Our Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and Osteopaths are passionate about post natal health for Mums and infant and child health. Click here to read about our children's health services.

The joys and challenges of being a new Mum often result in you coming last on a long list of things to do!

Do you feel "not quite right?" or like you need help getting back to your old self?

In the 18-24 months after pregnancy and breastfeeding, you experience many hormonal & physical changes and your body and emotions may feel like they need a good tune up to bounce back to your old self.

Feeling a little off kilter is natural, many Mum's feel this way due to all the sleepness nights and the nutrients that are depleted from your body during pregnancy and if you breast fed. Remember, that you recently created a whole new body from yours! Although we love our little ones, they take enough nutrients such as Iron and Vitamin D from our bodies to last them until they start eating solids at around 6 months of age, so Mums are left often very depleted. Our Naturopaths run nutrient testing to get all your levels back to normal and this alone will give you the building blocks you need to balance your mood and hormones naturally.

Our Naturopaths & Acupuncturists can help you with:

Recipes and quick & easy eating tips to boost your energy and balance your weight. Herbs and supplements to address your health issues and lifestyle tips to help you live a healthy life in a busy world.

Common Issues treated for Mums:

Assisting breast milk supply, recovery from natural or c section delivery, bloated bellies, irritable bowel, tiredness, anxiety & depression, insomnia, colds & flu’s, weight loss, hormone imbalance, fertility and cycle regulation for your next child.

Common issues treated for babies/ infants:

Colic reduction, digestive problems, sleep and settling issues caused by food intolerance or digestive troubles, eczema and allergies, introduction of solids and boosting immunity.

Our Osteopaths can help you with:

The body experiences many musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy. Spinal curves are constantly changing, the pelvis widens, there is more pressure on the hip joints and the abdominal muscles are challenged. Another set of changes occurs after delivery which challenge your core strength and pelvic floor. Osteopathy can help pregnancy:

  • Lower back and hip pain
  • Sciatic nerve irritation
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Birth preparation by aligning the pelvis and sacrum

During and after pregnancy it is vital to maintain and improve the strength of the core, spine and pelvic muscles, especially the pelvic floor. Many pregnancy and post natal pains and symptoms such as urinary incontinence are due to weakness of pelvic and lower back muscles.

Osteopaths perform a thorough examination to find the exact cause of pain and perform hands-on techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, muscle energy relaxation and spinal manipulation to improve the body mechanics and relieve pain. Clinical Pilates exercise then helps ensure that your body is strong throughout pregnancy, and that your pelvic floor recovers well.

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