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Reduce your menopause symptoms. Balance hormones naturally with personal advice to help you sleep better, reduce night sweats & balance your moods.

Menopause was traditionally viewed as a rite of passage for women, a special time when the responsibilities of raising children are over and she has more time for herself again.

If you are experiencing hot flushes, mood swings and tiredness from menopause then you may benefit from some natural remedies for menopause while your hormones are in transition.

Menopause relief without side effects

Menopause symptoms can be very distressing and upsetting. Many women want something to reduce their menopause symptoms, but don't wish to go on HRT because of the risks and side effects involved, such as increased breast cancer and heart disease risk.

When you book in for a consultation we will assess the lifestyle risk factors which may be increasing your symptoms. 

Lifestyle risk factors which worsen menopause are:

  • excess consumption of caffeine and alcohol - may increase flushes
  • diet high in meat - saturated fats can impair the livers ability to metabolise oestrogen
  • diet high in sugar - sugars can impair the livers ability to metabolise oestrogen
  • lack of exercise - exercise reduces osteoporosis risk factors and help hormone detoxification
  • low intake of nuts, seeds, dairy products - foods high in calcium can reduce flushing
  • high stress levels - worsen sleep patterns and can lead to hormone imbalance
  • recent viral infections/ colds, flus - a low immune system can worsen your symptoms

Herbal Medicine can boost adrenal function and reduce menopause symptoms.

After menopause, the ovaries reduce their oestrogen output and the adrenal glands and liver help out by producing oestrone, the primary form of oestrogen women have after menopause. It is therefore important for the liver and adrenal glands to be healthy and functioning well so that the transition of Oestrogen production is as smooth as possible

The adrenal glands are mostly weakened by long term stress, lack of sleep and lack of regular exercise. The liver may be sluggish if you experience constipation, high cholesterol, have gained weight recently or drink a lot of coffee or alcohol.

Our Naturopaths will assess your lifestyle and give you herbs and lifestyle advice to boost your hormones via boosting healthy liver and adrenal function. 

There are many menopause herbal supplements on the market, and many are effective, but seeing a trained professional and getting personalised advice give you fast and effective natural menopause relief.

Client Testimonial - natural menopause treatment

"Elysia's educational approach has certainly assisted me to better understand my bodys naturally occurring menopausal symptoms and cycles. I am now able to intervene early to minimise effects through diet, herbs, and lifestyle changes without having to consider chemical based solutions." M. Barnes

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