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How Osteopathy and Clinical Pilates can Help Sports Injury and Aid Performance

Physical activity is the body’s main purpose of function, maintaining cardiovascular health, respiratory efficiency, muscle and mental health. However whether you are running, cycling, swimming, pushing, pulling, lifting or jumping each sport puts it’s own unique demands on our body. If these demands mount up they can lead to sports injury or decreased performance. Common sports related injuries include:

  • Muscle strain or tear
  • Achillies tendon tear
  • Ankle and shoulder ligament strain
  • Joint damage or fracture
  • Spinal intervertebral disc bulge
  • Nerve compression and irritation

Most musculoskeletal pains are related to an area of weakness, or joints that are too mobile, or unstable.

The nature of sports often requires movement in one direction or movement that is dominant to one side of the body.

Such as:

  • Rowers are always bent forward, pushing with the legs and pulling with the upper body
  • Swimmers are very dominant in the upper body especially with the chest
  • Athletic field events often involve throwing and jumping with the dominant side
  • Runners put a lot of impact through the legs and lower back

Osteopaths are specialist in musculoskeletal medicine and treating sports injury.

Osteopaths are known for having a more holistic approach to looking at whole body mechanics after sports injury. Even if there has been a direct trauma to a specific area of the body, other areas may have predisposed to the injury and therefore need to be addressed to prevent reoccurrence. This is often more relevant with sport related injuries as most of them are due to a repetitive movement such as a lift, throw or jump.

The Osteopaths at Vibe Natural Health Clinic in Brisbane are experienced in treating sports injuries. We assess the whole body, diagnose where the pain is coming from, what has maybe predisposed the injury and how to manage it. We perform a variety of hands-on techniques, drain local inflammation, increased joint mobility, decrease muscle tension and improve nerve health.

Once the injury has been diagnosed and Osteopathic treatment has relieved the pain of a sports injury, we'll recommend exercises that will strengthen muscles and stabilize areas of weakness related to the injury.  We focus on the stabilizing muscles throughout the body that control movement, such as the core, rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder and gluteal muscles of the hip. Weakness in these muscle groups and dominance in our bigger muscles such as the chest, hip flexors and outer abdominal muscles can limit movement and put too much force through joints.

A combination of Osteopathy and gentle rehabilitation exercise takes an "all round" approach to assisting sports related injuries.

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