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Irregular Periods & PCOS

Do you have irregular periods or polycystic ovarian syndrome? Learn some easy lifestyle tips & a great PCOS diet to balance your hormones.

Is a hormone imbalance affecting your health? Feeling not quite right? If your tests say there's nothing wrong but you want more advice...

Irregular periods or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are a sign of hormone imbalance within the body. Not knowing when your period is due is only the tip of the iceberg, because having irregular periods means that the body's reproductive hormones are out of balance, which can lead to a lot of annoying, uncomfortable symptoms.

Some of these symptoms may be : sore lumpy breasts, mood swings, weight gain, lack of ovulation leading to trouble getting pregnant, fluid retention, unwanted hair growth and sugar cravings. The Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane are experienced in treating polycystic ovaries and would love to help you balance your hormones.

PCOS natural treatments

Hormone imbalances leading to irregular periods often affect blood sugar levels within the body. PCOS has been dubbed "diabetes of the ovaries" due to the link between hormones made worse by a blood sugar problem called insulin resistance. This can lead to weight gain, sugar cravings, mood swings and a nasty catch 22 cycle worsening the level of hormone imbalance.

The good news is that in our experience treating patients in our clinic, we have successfully improved our clients polycystic ovaries with a Low GI Diet Plan for PCOS and herbal medicine.

Herbs are an incredibly powerful and safe way to treat PCOS naturally, bringing irregular periods back into routine. They have less side effects than the pill and our Naturopaths will make an individual herbal formula just for you, based on the symptoms you are experiencing.

Learn about your body

We will teach you a very easy way to track your periods using a menstrual cycle chart and then each month we compare these charts to track your hormones as they improve and we keep an eye on your symptoms to make sure they are reducing.

Saliva Hormone Testing

If your blood test haven't provided answers for your hormonal problems,  saliva hormone testing may be a good option for you. It tests not just oestradiol, which is the only oestrogen most blood tests check, but 3 types of oestrogen which may be causing annoying period problems. We also check your adrenal hormones, testosterone and progesterone which if you have been stressed or run down may be out of balance and affecting your periods.


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