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Naturopathic Natural Effective Detox Programs

There are many unsafe "fad" detox programs out there which can cause more stress on body than they relieve!

The Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane have developed a safe detox program which uses easy to follow, realistic detox strategies for busy people.

"Many people comment that they didn’t know what feeling well felt like until they detoxed and gave their body the boost it needed."

Toxins can enter the body through the skin (heavy metals, solvents, chemicals, hair dyes etc) via our lungs (cigarette smoke, exhaust, allergens) and particularly within our food and water.

There are 5 ways the body eliminates wastes from the body via the 5 organs of elimination. Our 2 and 4 week detox program aims to enhance the function of these 5 elimination organs, the Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Bowel and Skin.

If you have health problems with either of these organs, for example eczema which puts stress on your skin or constipation which adds stress to the bowel, then that organ of elimination may be sluggish and the other organs may be working harder to compensate.

Detoxification is a chance for you to give your body a rest from the indulgences of modern life that slow down the optimum function of the body.

You will receive a herbal medicine prescription tailored for your individual detox needs and nutritional supplements to protect your body as you detox.

Toxin Exposure

Every day we are exposed to many toxic substances. Compared to 100 years ago, so many chemical compounds are in our world that we have to process for example paints, petrol fumes, cleaning fluids, solvents, chemicals from building new houses such as new carpets, tiles and varnishes, all emit chemicals when they are installed. Chemicals are used in food production, fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, added to our water and in the cleaning products we use.

Normal body functions also produce toxins, which in a healthy person are broken down and eliminated. When our body's become overloaded by toxins, our toxic load outweighs the rate we can detox which causes ill health.

Detox Program Guidelines - Weed, Seed and Feed

"Weed" refers to removal of bad bacteria in the body like gut parasites and overgrowth of bad gut bacteria. These bad bugs thrive on diets high in breads, beer, sugar, alcohol, fatty foods and after medicines such as the contraceptive pill and antibiotics.

"Seed" is the replacement of good bacteria in the gut.

"Feed" is like fertilising and mulching your garden, but for your insides! Providing nutrients that sustain the growth of good bacteria and help repair "leaky gut".

How Will I Feel?

Some people may feel a little tired for the first couple of days of the detox if they are used to having coffee and sugar to pep them up. Within a few days they start to feel lighter and less sluggish and more energized. The majority of people feel amazing after the detox, with increased energy, better digestion, less bloating, less discomfort after eating and consuming alcohol.

An added benefit can be losing a few kilos, losing the pot belly and clearer skin.

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