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Sciatica & Nerve Pain Treatment in Brisbane


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Sciatic pain

People often associate sciatica as lower back pain, aching pain in the buttock, or hamstring tightnes. But sciatica is not just “a pain in the bum”,  it is the term used to describe pain caused by irritation specifically of the sciatic nerve. 

Sciatic pain is described as an electrical, shooting, gripping pain that travels from the lower back, down the back of the thigh and often as far as the foot.

Irritation of other nerves in the body can produce a similar feeling. Other common areas of nerve pain are down the arm, in front of the hip and thigh and down the outside of the thigh.

Common Causes of Sciatic Pain

Nerves are like electrical wires that travel out from the spinal cord to the tissues they activate. The sciatic nerve can be irritated where it comes out of the spinal cord between the vertebra of the lower back, or along the nerve’s path as it travels through the gluteal muscles in the buttocks and down the back of the thigh. 

Irritation of the sciatic nerve can be caused by:

  • Degeneration of the lower back, narrowing of the space where the nerve exits between the vertebrae
  • Disc bulges pushing on the sciatic nerve
  • Local inflammation from injuries that surrounds the sciatic nerve
  • Postural issues of the lower back
  • Very tight gluteal muscles squashing the sciatic nerve as it travels through the muscle
  • Lack of core strength and lower back instability

Osteopathic approach to Sciatic Pain

The Osteopaths at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane will firstly assess what is causing the nerve irritation. Reflex testing, strength and other nerve tests may be performed to get an idea of how affected the sciatic nerve is.

From there, treatment aims to relieve sciatic nerve irritation by releasing tight muscles and improving the movement of the lower back with gentle mobilizations to help the spine move well and decrease inflammation.

Often postural advice, strengthening exercises, and stretching are given to improve weak muscles or dysfunctional movement to help prevent reoccurring inflammation and pain.

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Lumbar spine mobilization for sciatic treatment                                                                                                Muscle energy technique for sciatic pain










Reflex testing for sciatica pain                                                                                                                   Straight leg raise test for sciatica assessment

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