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Balance Your Hormones

Is a hormone imbalance affecting your health? Feeling not quite right? If your tests say there's nothing wrong but you want more advice...

There are many things in our modern lives which can disrupt our hormones. Long term use of the contraceptive pill, residues from plastic used to store food and drink, exposure to environmental chemicals, cleaning products and perhaps the biggest cause is just plain old stress! The majority of hormone tests are designed to pick up hormone imbalances at the extreme end of the spectrum. People with a mild hormone imbalance can sometimes be overlooked when first tested and left with no medical reason for why they are feeling so out of balance. But often there may be a mild hormone imbalance which if treated early, can be corrected with natural medicine and improve overall health and wellbeing.

The way the "normal range" for a hormone test is decided by scientists, is obtained by taking a large group of people in the population, measuring their hormone levels, and calculating an average value.

These ranges have quite a broad scope, and many people whose hormones test high or low within the "normal range"  may be developing the early signs of a hormonal imbalance. What is "normal" for you to feel healthy and for your hormones to function well may not fall within the range of the average population. So many of us test our hormones and are told there is nothing wrong, however we really feel that something is in fact very out of balance.

Recent research in the USA redefines thyroid test ranges which previously left many people undiagnosed.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms:

"There are many ways to naturally balance your hormones. Usually a wholistic approach works the best, involving dietary advice, herbs and supplements and lifestyle advice such as stress management techniques"
  • allergies
  • weight gain and bloating
  • uncharacteristic anxiety or depression
  • fatigue
  • PMS, endometriosis, lumpy breasts, uterine fibroids
  • infertility, changes in periods, irregular periods
  • hairloss or unwanted hair
  • headaches
  • foggy thinking
  • low libido
  • osteoporosis
  • dry skin
  • Thrush, urinary incontinence, frequent urinary tract infections


The world renowned Mayo Clinic explains the link between stress and hormone imbalance

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