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Vibe Weight Loss Program

Do you feel like you’re in constant battle with your weight? 

Have you tried weight loss programs and ‘failed?'

Are you confused as to why you eat practically nothing, exercise and put on weight, while others around you do whatever they want and don’t gain a kilo?

Well you are not alone! We’ve frequently helped our clients with these frustrations and we’re here to let you in on a little secret – it's not your fault!

The blame lies with the designers of the diets and the health care professionals who don’t take into consideration your body’s internal physiology which drives you to store fat rather than burn it…and this is why the Vibe Weight Loss Program is different.

The Naturopaths at Vibe Natural Health in Brisbane are dedicated to helping you find the reasons behind why you're not losing weight and we'll design an individually tailored weight loss program for You.

So how can you tell if your body is not set up for healthy weight?

Your hormones can lead you to store fat or slow your fat burning capacity and that makes it difficult for you to lose weight. To achieve a healthy weight these factors must be assessed and addressed in order to switch on fat burning and turn fat storage down.

If you tick 2 or more of the boxes below, you could find it difficult to control your weight.

    Do you store fat easily in the abdominal area or use sugary foods for energy or comfort on a regular basis?

You may have a degree of insulin resistance. This impacts what your body does with sugar. With insulin resistance, your body stores the sugar as fat rather than burn it for energy.

Have you been living a high stress life for the past months or years and/or live with chronic low-level stress due to anxiety, low mood, pain, or general ill health?

The anti-stress hormone cortisol may be working overtime to help you cope but has also been shown to increase fat storage.

   Do you live with low thyroid function resulting in fatigue, brain ‘fog’, dry skin, thinning  hair, periods of low mood, and/or cold intolerance? 

Your thyroid hormones drive your internal furnace to burn fat whilst at rest. When not at its optimum, the furnace is turned off and so too is fat burning.

   Women - Are you experiencing period problems, PMS or menopausal symptoms?

   Men - Are you experiencing low libido, lowered sexual function or poor muscle tone?

There may be an imbalance in your sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) leading to fat storage.

   Do you live with chronic pain, an autoimmune condition, food allergies /sensitivities or frequently drink alcohol? 

 The inflammation that the body produces to combat these can switch off fat burning.

   Could you have overgrowth of "bad gut bugs?" Medications (such as the oral contraceptive pill and pain killers), stress, autoimmune disease and/or poor digestion can lead to an imbalance in the ‘good bugs’ and ‘bad bugs’ within the digestive tract.
Gut bug imbalance has been shown to drive fat storage within its own right.

   Are your vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acid levels optimal?

If you don’t know, you don’t know if a deficiency is driving fat storage.

   Are you sick and tired of being tired and/or waking unrefreshed?
Poor energy production capacity will impact both fat storage and fat burning.

   Do you comfort eat or have a strained relationship with food?
The way we have grown up with foods as ‘treats’, to use for comfort when we are sad, ‘bad’ vs. ‘good’, or simply as ‘too hard’ to control may impact the food response and choices we make now

Interestingly an issue with one of these factors can snowball to an issue with the others, leading to a web that the team at Vibe are qualified and dedicated to help unravel.

We work to assess any factors that are stopping you from losing weight via thorough Naturopathic consultation and pathology testing.   We then work with you to address any factors to ensure that your fat-burning body is primed to achieve your goal.

So much more than weightloss

Did you know that your muscle mass influences the way in which your body burns sugars from foods?

Not enough muscle can cause fat storage. A lot of fad weight loss diets result in a loss of muscle. For anyone who has tried to build muscle, you know that’s not easy, therefore avoiding muscle loss should be a key focus of a healthy weight management program.

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